Have a car to sell? Exotic, classic or a barnfind? Before approaching a dealer where you will lose money, give us a try. Through our circles of buyers, collectors and targeted marketing we have helped many cars exchange hands and yours could be next.



We understand that by the time the decision is made to let your car go you most likely want it gone fast, which is why we don’t waste time in excessive back and forth emails and paperwork.  We get to work in four simple steps:-

Step 1.
Send us pictures of your car with comments mentioning whatever might be of interest to a buyer as well as your asking price.  If we agree on the pricing we will move to step 2.

Step 2.
Grant us 14 days of exclusive rights to find a buyer for your car.

Step 3.
Agree to pay us an agreed upon commission AFTER the sale of the car. The commission is assessed after looking at the car condition among other things. There is no standard commission rating but overall expect anything between 2 and 10%.

Step 4.
We get to work to find a buyer ASAP.  While at this, we may tease you with “near offers” and also ask you further questions about the car. When we find the buyer,we send them over to you to do the deal.


Note that we DON’T touch your car or cash.

Submit a Vehicle


  • (By submitting your car you grant us permission to use its pictures for the purpose of selling it. You also agree that this contract is legally binding in the jurisdiction of your location).