According to the Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index(KFLII), classic and vintage cars have been the best performing assets over the last thirty years – averaging 30% per annum appreciation and outperforming the stock market, Gold, Wine among other commodities by far. Also, being tangible assets, they are less prone to volatility; unlike other assets.

Classic cars are increasingly attracting the attention of big investors, both individual and institutional, who while keeping a low profile are increasing shares of classic cars in their portfolios – explaining the record amounts classic cars are going for at auctions and elsewhere nowadays.


“Classic cars increased 27 -fold over the past 20 years.. ” (Historic Automobile Group Int.)

GT is here to introduce classic cars as an investment asset – a very lucrative one – and guide you on investing in them. Think of us as your stock broker. Through our numerous contacts and detailed knowledge of the classic car market, we always know of cars one can buy cheaply somewhere and sell highly somewhere else; making money in the process, and us earning a commission on the deal. Best of all, you’re in full control of your investment at all times as cars are always owned and in the custody of investors pending re-sale.

Unlike many other investments in the classic car business, returns are largely a function of how much money you invest and less of time. Generally, rare cars in the $200,000 range and beyond is where the good money is made. Our  investment cycle is on average 3 months and returns vary widely from 3% for low-tier classic cars , 5-10% for mid-tier ones while the returns for ultra-rare ones  can be anything – even 200%.

Our business approach is backed up by the knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the last 15 years as well as the insights we draw from the data and reports compiled by different industry bodies, such as the Historical Automobile Group International(HAGI) and Hagerty, which enable us project whats likely to be hot or not and the general direction of the industry well in advance.

No matter how much money you have or how short a period in which you need to turn a profit, chances are high GT has been in your place before with another client. Talk to us today about investing in classic cars. Email us at