About GT Auto Brokers

GT Auto Brokers is the best place to sell or buy your car – exotic or classic, in whatever condition – and to make money investing in classic and vintage cars. Our team has on average 15 years of experience in the car industry, on both the buying and selling side, and started GT out of a frustration that buying and selling cars had become unnecessarily a hassle.

For most people, when it’s time to let their car go, the first way to do it would be listing online; but the thought of dealing with deadbeat bidders and everything that goes into listing car online nowadays throws many right into the waiting hands of dealerships where they leave thousands of dollars on the table because of the convenience factor.

“GT only links buyer and seller, we don’t touch your car or cash”

At GT, we believe convenience doesn’t mean losing money. Sit back and let us find a buyer for your car, then pay us a commission when the deal is done.

Since our founding we have helped many cars exchange hands across the United States, Middle East, Europe and elsewhere; and among those that stand out is this 1964 Amphicar above.

It stands out not because it’s the most expensive car we have handled (that title is held by a 197 Toyota 2000GT that sold for just short of $1M), but because of its location – Uganda, Africa. At first we didn’t know what to do when the submission came in, but after some back and forth emails we agreed upon a payment-on-delivery deal then went to work. We successfully found a buyer in Germany.

We can also mention this 1969 Russian Gaz 69A we helped sell from Ukraine to a buyer in Cheboygan, Michigan, USA.